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A secondary water barrier shall be installed using one of the following methods when roof covering is removed and replaced.
  1. In HVHZ regions:
    1. All joints in structural panel roof sheathing or decking shall be covered with a minimum 4 inch (102 mm) wide strip of self-adhering polymer modified bitumen tape applied directly to the sheathing or decking. The deck and self-adhering polymer modified bitumen tape shall be covered with one of the underlayment systems approved for the particular roof covering to be applied to the roof.
    2. The entire roof deck shall be covered with an approved asphalt impregnated 30# felt underlayment or approved synthetic underlayment installed with nails and tin-tabs in accordance with Section 1518.2, 1518.3 or 1518.4 of the Florida Building Code, Building. (No additional underlayment shall be required over the top of this sheet.) The synthetic underlayment shall be fastened in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
    1. Underlayment shall comply with Section R905.1.1 of the Florida Building Code, Residential.
  1. Roof slopes < 2:12 having a continuous roof system shall be deemed to comply with Section R908.7.2 requirements for a secondary water barrier.
  2. Clay and concrete tile roof systems installed as required by the Florida Building Code, Residential are deemed to comply with the requirements of Section R908.7.2 for Secondary Water Barriers.

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