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It shall be unlawful to hoist or lower any suspended article, including but not limited to suspended scaffolds, on the outside of any building unless such work is performed by or under the direct and continuing supervision of a person licensed as a rigger under the provisions of this article. The provisions of this article shall also apply to the erection or dismantling of a tower crane.

Exceptions: The provisions of this article shall not apply to:
  1. The hoisting or lowering of signs if the person so doing possesses a license as a sign hanger, as provided in this chapter;
  2. The loading or unloading of a material delivery truck if the material loaded or unloaded is not raised more than 12 feet (3658 mm) above the bed of the truck during the loading or unloading process;
  3. The hoisting or lowering of suspended articles on the outside of a building where chapter 33 of the New York city building code authorizes such articles to be hoisted or lowered by or under the supervision of a qualified and/or competent person;
  4. The assembly or disassembly of a self-erecting tower crane, provided such operation is supervised by an assembly/disassembly director in accordance with rules promulgated by the commissioner.

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