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1225. Dining
Dining, lounges, and recreation and social areas for patients shall be provided in each resident unit. The total area of these spaces shall be a minimum of 35 square feet (3.25 m2) per patient with a minimum total area of 225 square feet (20.90 m2). At least 20 square feet (1.86 m2) per patient shall be available for dining. Storage for supplies and equipment shall be provided in the recreation area.
1225. Outdoor Area
Outdoor area(s) shall be provided for the use of all patients and shall include walking paths of durable materials, benches, shaded areas and visual focusing element(s) such as landscaping, sculpture(s) or fountain(s). Security fencing if used shall be of a residential design and provide some visual connection to the exterior of the secured area. If an exterior visual connection is not possible or desirable, then the interior of the outside area shall be landscaped to be visually interesting.
1225. Storage
Storage for supplies, patient needs and recreation shall be provided. The minimum required area shall be 5 square feet (0.46 m2) per bed up to 600 square feet (55.74 m2).
1225. Dietary Area
A resident dietary area shall be provided in the resident unit for the use of staff, patients and family. The resident dietary area may include cooking equipment, counter tops, kitchen sink and storage areas. This dietary area is in addition to the dietetic service space requirements in Section 1225.4.2.
Food preparation spaces in the resident dietary area in a small house skilled nursing facility shall be designed to accommodate the method of food preparation required. The California Department of Public Health, Licensing and Certification shall review proposed food services spaces at a preliminary stage of plan review.
The resident dietary area in a small house skilled nursing facility shall provide a handwashing station. This handwashing station shall be in addition to the kitchen sink and shall be located in or immediately accessible to the resident kitchen facilities.
When provided, the resident dietary area in a small house skilled nursing facility shall have a commercial ware-washing space meeting the requirements for the care model used. This space shall be designed to prevent cross contamination by providing area for receiving, scraping, sorting and stacking soiled tableware and for transferring clean tableware to point-of-use areas.
The resident dietary area in a small house skilled nursing facility shall provide access to self-dispensing drinking water and self-dispensing ice.
  1. Ice-making equipment shall be accessible to residents and visitors
  2. Ice-making equipment shall be located, designed and installed to minimize noise.
  3. Ice-making equipment shall be permitted to serve more than one food area within resident kitchen facilities.
1225. Therapy Unit
If provided, physical, speech and occupational therapy units shall comply with Sections 1225.6.2 through 1225.6.4.
1225. Barber/Beauty Room
If provided, the barber/beauty room shall be a minimum of 120 square feet (11.15 m2) with the least dimension of 10 feet (3.05 m).
1225. Resident Laundry Facilities
If provided, resident laundry facilities including washing and drying equipment may be provided for staff, family or individual patient use for the laundering of patient's personal items. If provided they shall be readily accessible from each resident unit without requiring the user to enter another resident unit or floor, and may be shared between two resident units. These resident laundry facilities may utilize residential laundry equipment. Each resident laundry area shall contain a handwashing fixture.

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