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The storage of reserve oxygen and acetylene containers at a construction site shall comply with the requirements of FC 1406.4.1 through 1406.4.4, and FC1406.5.
1406.4.1 Storage Location
Oxygen and acetylene container storage areas shall comply with the distance to exposure requirements of FC3504.2.1.
1406.4.2 Storage Cabinet
Oxygen and acetylene containers shall be located within a compressed gas storage cabinet designed and secured to prevent unauthorized entry. The storage cabinet shall be conspicuously marked with a hazard identification sign as set forth in FC2703.5.
1406.4.3 Indoor Acetylene Storage
Indoor reserve storage of acetylene containers shall be allowed only when outdoor storage is unavailable on the premises, the building is unoccupied, the containers are stored on the ground floor of the building, and the total quantities stored do not exceed 3,500 SCF (99.12 m3).
1406.4.4 Outdoor Acetylene Storage
Outdoor reserve acetylene container storage areas shall not exceed 3,500 SCF (99.12 m3). More than one outdoor storage area may be authorized on the premises provided the distance from each outdoor storage area to each exposure identified in FC Chapter 35 complies with the requirements of FC Chapter 35.
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