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Every worker who uses a supported scaffold to perform his or her job tasks shall complete a department-approved four-hour training program or course, and a department-approved four-hour refresher program or course every four years thereafter, that includes instruction on the nature of electrical hazards, fall and falling object hazards, material handling on scaffolds, personal protection equipment, the nature of braces and tiebacks and their safe removal and the maximum intended load and load-handling capacities of scaffolds. The training program or course shall be conducted by a registered New York State Department of Labor apprenticeship training program or by an educational institution or school chartered, licensed or registered by the New York State Department of Education or by a provider approved by the department, and presented by an instructor(s) deemed qualified and competent in accordance with OSHA regulations.
  Successful completion of the training program or course shall be evidenced by a dated scaffold user certificate issued by the provider of the training program or course. The certificate or a valid wallet card version of the certificate shall be readily available to the commissioner upon request, and shall be deemed valid for four years from its date of issuance.
  No person shall knowingly permit or cause an individual who does not have the training required by this paragraph to use a supported scaffold.
  The requirement that a refresher program or course be completed every four years shall apply retroactively to individuals who satisfied such requirements prior to the effective date of this code.
*Section BC 3314.4.6 was amended by: Local Law 24 of 2008 — Update #2. This law has an effective date of July 1, 2008.
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