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116-631 Visual Corridors
The provisions of Section 62-51 (Applicability of Visual Corridor Requirements) shall apply, except as modified in this Section. The minimum width of the required visual corridor shall be 60 feet. The location of such visual corridor shall be as shown on Maps 5 and 6 in Appendix A of this Chapter. Such visual corridor shall be located such that the northern boundary of the visual corridor shall intersect with the easterly street line of Edgewater Street at a point 22 feet south of the following intersection: the easterly prolongation of the northerly street line of Lynhurst Avenue and the easterly street line of Edgewater Street. Such visual corridor shall extend to the pierhead line at an angle of 89.35 degrees, as measured between the northern boundary of such visual corridor and the portion of the easterly street line of Edgewater Street north of such visual corridor.
116-632 Waterfront Public Access Area
The provisions of Section 62-52 (Applicability of Waterfront Public Access Area Requirements) shall apply, except that no supplemental public access area, as set forth in Section 62-57 (Requirements for Supplemental Public Access Areas), shall be required. However, a shore public walkway and an upland connection must be provided as modified in this Section and shown on Maps 1, 5 and 6 in Appendix A of this Chapter.
  1. Shore public walkway

    The provisions of paragraph (a)(3) of Section 62-53 (Requirements for Shore Public Walkways) shall apply, except that the minimum width of a shore public walkway on shallow portions of a zoning lot set forth on such Section shall be modified to be no less than 35 feet.

    If there is an existing building or other structure to remain on the zoning lot, the entire area between such existing building and the shoreline shall be entirely occupied by the shore public walkway, with a required circulation path of at least eight feet.
  2. Upland connections

    The requirement for a "transition area" within a Type 2 upland connection in paragraph (b)(2) of Section 62-561 (Types of upland connections) shall not apply. In addition, the minimum width requirement of 10 feet for the upland connection abutting such turnaround shall be modified to five feet, provided that the entire area of the vehicular turnaround is paved with the same paving material as the upland connection.
116-633 Phased Development of Waterfront Public Access Area
For the purposes of applying for an authorization for phased development of a waterfront public access area in paragraph (c)(1) of Section 62-822 (Modification of waterfront public access area and visual corridor requirements), the lot area shall be the portion of the zoning lot above water.

Appendix A Stapleton Waterfront District Plan
Map 1. Special Stapleton Waterfront District, Subareas and Public Spaces

Map 2. Ground Floor Use and Frontage Requirements

Map 3. Mandatory Front Building Wall Lines

Map 4. Restricted Curb Cut and Off-Street Loading Locations

Map 5. Upland Connections and Visual Corridors

Map 6. Location of Visual Corridor in Subarea E

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