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The following construction information shall be included in the plans required by this chapter:
  1. Dimensioned floor and roof plans showing existing walls and the size and spacing of floor and roof-framing members and sheathing materials. The plans shall indicate all existing URM walls, and new crosswalls and shear walls, and their materials of construction. The location of these walls and their openings shall be fully dimensioned and drawn to scale on the plans.
  2. Dimensioned URM wall elevations showing openings, piers, wall classes as defined in Section A106.2.3.9, thickness, heights, wall shear test locations, cracks or damaged portions requiring repairs, the general condition of the mortar joints, and if and where pointing is required. Where the exterior face is veneer, the type of veneer, its thickness and its bonding and/or ties to the structural wall masonry shall be noted.
  3. The type of interior wall and ceiling materials, and framing.
  4. The extent and type of existing wall anchorage to floors and roof where used in the design.
  5. The extent and type of parapet corrections that were previously performed, if any.
  6. Repair details, if any, of cracked or damaged unreinforced masonry walls required to resist forces specified in this chapter.
  7. All other plans, sections and details necessary to delineate required retrofit construction.
  8. The design procedure used shall be stated on both the plans and the permit application.
  9. Details of the anchor prequalification program required by Section A107.5.3, if used, including location and results of all tests.
  10. Quality assurance requirements of special inspection for all new construction materials and for retrofit construction including: anchor tests, pointing or repointing of mortar joints, installation of adhesive or mechanical anchors, and other elements as deemed necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter.
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