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In addition to any notification required by paragraph (1) of this section each employer shall make a report in writing within 30 days to the Assistant Secretary of Labor or his duly authorized representative, for employees not protected by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by means of 10 CFR part 20; or under paragraph (p)(2) of this section, or the requirements of the laws and regulations of States named in paragraph (p)(3) of this section, of each exposure of an individual to radiation or concentrations of radioactive material in excess of any applicable limit in this section. Each report required under this paragraph shall describe the extent of exposure of persons to radiation or to radioactive material; levels of radiation and concentration of radioactive material involved, the cause of the exposure, levels of concentrations; and corrective steps taken or planned to assure against a recurrence.
In any case where an employer is required pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph to report to the U.S. Department of Labor any exposure of an individual to radiation or to concentrations of radioactive material, the employer shall also notify such individual of the nature and extent of exposure. Such notice shall be in writing and shall contain the following statement: "You should preserve this report for future reference."
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