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Replacement of suspension-means fastenings and hitch plates shall conform to the requirements in through
When the suspension-means fastenings are replaced with an alternative means that conforms to 2.20.9, load-carrying ropes shall be in line with the shackle rod.
Existing hitch plates that do not permit the load-carrying ropes to remain in line with the shackle rods shall have the replacement fastenings staggered in the direction of travel of the elevator and counterweight, or the hitch plates shall be replaced.
Replacement hitch plates shall conform to 2.15.13 and shall provide proper alignment of load-carrying ropes and shackle rods.
Replacement fastenings shall be permitted to be installed on the car only, the counterweight only, at either of the dead-end hitches, or at both attachment points.
Rope fastenings at the drum connection of winding-drum machines shall comply with

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