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Where a speed governor is replaced, the replacement shall be considered an alteration and shall conform to, except when the replacement equipment has been authorized by the original equipment manufacturer as being equivalent to the original make and model or has been verified by a professional engineer as meeting the original design criteria of the elevator system. The governor rope shall be the type and size specified by the governor manufacturer.
The governor shall be tested in accordance with the applicable requirements specified in Where a Type A safety is used, the inertia application shall be tested as specified in
When a releasing carrier is provided, it shall conform to 2.17.15, except for replacements with equipment of the same make, model, and manufacturer as that being replaced, which shall conform to the Code under which the releasing carrier was originally installed.
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Section 2.18 Electric Elevators, Speed Governors
Counterweight safeties, where provided with rated speeds over 0.75 m/s (150 ft/min), and car safeties shall be actuated by separate speed governors ...