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703.8.1 General
Remote Infrared Audible Sign Systems shall comply with Section 703.8.
703.8.2 Transmitters
Where provided, Remote Infrared Audible Sign Transmitters shall be designed to communicate with receivers complying with Section 703.8.3.
703.8.3 Infrared Audible Sign Receivers
703.8.3.1 Frequency
Basic speech messages shall be frequency modulated at 25 kHz, with a +/- 2.5 kHz deviation, and shall have an infrared wavelength from 850 to 950 nanometer (nm).
703.8.3.2 Optical Power Density
Receiver shall produce a 12 decibel (dB) signal-plus-noise-to-noise ratio with a 1 kHz modulation tone at +/- 2.5 kHz deviation of the 25 kHz subcarrier at an optical power density of 26 picowatts per square millimeter measured at the receiver photosensor aperture.
703.8.3.3 Audio Output
The audio output from an internal speaker shall be at 75 dBA minimum at 18 inches (455 mm) with a maximum distortion of 10 percent.
703.8.3.4 Reception Range
The receiver shall be designed for a high dynamic range and capable of operating in full-sun background illumination.
703.8.3.5 Multiple Signals
A receiver provided for the capture of the stronger of two signals in the receiver field of view shall provide a received power ratio on the order of 20 dB for negligible interference.
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