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Before lockout or tagout devices are removed and energy is restored to the machine or equipment, procedures shall be followed and actions taken by the authorized employees to ensure the following:
The work area shall be inspected to ensure that nonessential items have been removed and that machine or equipment components are operationally intact.
After lockout or tagout devices have been removed and before a machine or equipment is started, affected employees shall be notified that the lockout or tagout devices have been removed.
Each lockout or tagout device shall be removed from each energy isolating device by the authorized employee who applied the lockout or tagout device. However, if that employee is not available to remove it, the device may be removed under the direction of the employer, provided that specific procedures and training for such removal have been developed, documented, and incorporated into the employer's energy control program. The employer shall demonstrate that the specific procedure provides a degree of safety equivalent to that provided by the removal of the device by the authorized employee who applied it. The specific procedure shall include at least the following elements:
Verification by the employer that the authorized employee who applied the device is not at the facility;
Making all reasonable efforts to contact the authorized employee to inform him or her that his or her lockout or tagout device has been removed; and
Ensuring that the authorized employee has this knowledge before he or she resumes work at that facility.
The work area shall be checked to ensure that all employees have been safely positioned or removed.
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