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*(1) General. When determined by an ICRA, special design considerations and ventilation shall be required to ensure the protection of patients who are highly susceptible to infection.
(2) Number. The number of PE rooms shall be as required by the ICRA.
(3) Location. The location of PE rooms shall be as required by the ICRA.
(4) Each PE room shall comply with Section 2.1-2.4.2 (AII Room) as well as the requirements in this section (2.2-
(5) Special design elements
(a) Surfaces. In addition to requirements in Section 2.1-7.2.3 (Surfaces), the following requirements shall be met:
(i) The ceiling shall be monolithic.
(ii) All surfaces shall be cleanable.
(b) Lighting. Lighting fixtures shall have lenses and shall be sealed.
A2.2- PE room purpose. The PE room is used to protect the profoundly immunosuppressed patient with prolonged neutropenia (i.e., a patient undergoing an allogeneic or autologous bone marrow/stem cell transplant) from common environmental airborne infectious microbes (e.g., Aspergillus spores). The differentiating factors between PE rooms and other patient rooms are the requirements for filtration and positive air pressure relative to adjoining spaces.
A2.2- (1) Many facilities care for patients with an extreme susceptibility to infection (e.g., immunosuppressed patients with prolonged granulocytopenia, most notably bone marrow recipients and patients with hematological malignancies who are receiving chemotherapy and are severely granulocytopenic). Generally, protective environments are not needed in community hospitals unless these facilities take care of these types of patients.

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