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Propellant-actuated power devices - any tool or special mechanized device or gas generator system which is actuated by a smokeless propellant or which releases and directs work through a smokeless propellant charge.
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1910.109(a)(3) Hazardous Materials, Explosive
arms ammunition, small arms ammunition primers, smokeless propellant, cartridges for propellant-actuated power devices, and cartridges for industrial ...
1910.109(c)(1)(ix) Hazardous Materials,
of small arms ammunition, propellant-actuated power cartridges, small arms ammunition primers in quantities of less than 750,000, or of smokeless ...
1910.109 Hazardous Materials, Explosives and Blasting Agents
Explosive-actuated power device - any tool or special mechanized device which is actuated by explosives, but not including propellant ...