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The anchorage of each of the exposed rafters or trusses within 6 feet (1829 mm) of the corner along the exterior wall on each side of each gable end shall be inspected. Wherever a strap is missing or an existing strap has fewer than four fasteners on each end, approved straps, ties or right angle gusset brackets with a minimum uplift capacity of 500 pounds (740 kg) shall be installed that connect each rafter or truss to the top plate below or directly to the masonry wall using approved masonry screws of a length and diameter recommended by the manufacturer. In the absence of manufacturer's recommendations, screws shall provide at least a 21/2-inch (64 mm) embedment into the concrete or masonry. When the straps or right angle gusset brackets are attached to a wood sill plate, the sill plate shall be anchored to the concrete masonry wall below. This anchorage shall be accomplished by installing 1/4-inch diameter masonry screws, each with supplementary 1/4-inch washer, having sufficient length to develop a 21/2-inch (64 mm) embedment into the concrete and masonry. These screws shall be installed within 4 inches (102 mm) of the truss or rafter on both sides of each interior rafter or truss and on the accessible wall side of the gable end truss or rafter.

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