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Potable water shall not be used for once-through cooling. Equipment such as ice making machines, walk-in coolers, refrigerated walk-in boxes, or air conditioning equipment shall be provided with air cooled condensers or recirculating condenser water systems.

  1. Once-through water-cooled ice making machines producing less than 500 pounds (227 kg) of ice per day at Standard Rating Conditions as specified in AHRI 810.
  2. Once-through water-cooled ice making machines, walk-in coolers, refrigerated walk-in boxes or air conditioning equipment supplied with potable water through piping systems installed prior to January 1, 2011 and any subsequent replacements that use the same or lesser amount of potable water and are installed in accordance with RCNY Title 15 Chapter 20 Section 20-06.
  3. Use of once-through cooling may be permitted for temporary emergency conditions where approved by the commissioner.

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