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1926.1436(g)(1) Anchorages
Anchorages, including the structure to which the derrick is attached (if applicable), must be approved by a qualified person.
If using a rock or hairpin anchorage, the qualified person must determine if any special testing of the anchorage is needed. If so, it must be tested accordingly.
1926.1436(g)(2) Functional Test
Prior to initial use, new or reinstalled derricks must be tested by a competent person with no hook load to verify proper operation. This test must include:
Lifting and lowering the hook(s) through the full range of hook travel.
Raising and lowering the boom through the full range of boom travel.
Swinging in each direction through the full range of swing.
Actuating the anti two-block and boom hoist limit devices (if provided).
Actuating locking, limiting and indicating devices (if provided).
1926.1436(g)(3) Load Test
Prior to initial use, new or reinstalled derricks must be load tested by a competent person. The test load must meet the following requirements:
Test loads must be at least 100% and no more than 110% of the rated capacity, unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer or qualified person, but in no event must the test load be less than the maximum anticipated load.
The test must consist of:
Hoisting the test load a few inches and holding to verify that the load is supported by the derrick and held by the hoist brake(s).
Swinging the derrick, if applicable, the full range of its swing, at the maximum allowable working radius for the test load.
Booming the derrick up and down within the allowable working radius for the test load.
Lowering, stopping and holding the load with the brake(s).
The derrick must not be used unless the competent person determines that the test has been passed.
1926.1436(g)(4) Documentation
Tests conducted under this paragraph must be documented. The document must contain the date, test results and the name of the tester. The document must be retained until the derrick is re-tested or dismantled, whichever occurs first. All such documents must be available, during the applicable document retention period, to all persons who conduct inspections in accordance with § 1926.1412.
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