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When platforms are being moved to the next level, the existing platform shall be left undisturbed until the new bearers have been set in place and braced, prior to receiving the new platforms.
Crossbracing shall be installed between the inner and outer sets of poles on double pole scaffolds.
Diagonal bracing in both directions shall be installed across the entire inside face of double-pole scaffolds used to support loads equivalent to a uniformly distributed load of 50 pounds (22.7 kg) or more per square foot (929 square cm).
Diagonal bracing in both directions shall be installed across the entire outside face of all double- and single-pole scaffolds.
Runners and bearers shall be installed on edge.
Bearers shall extend a minimum of 3 inches (7.6 cm) over the outside edges of runners.
Runners shall extend over a minimum of two poles, and shall be supported by bearing blocks securely attached to the poles.
Braces, bearers, and runners shall not be spliced between poles.
Where wooden poles are spliced, the ends shall be squared and the upper section shall rest squarely on the lower section. Wood splice plates shall be provided on at least two adjacent sides, and shall extend at least 2 feet (0.6 m) on either side of the splice, overlap the abutted ends equally, and have at least the same cross-sectional areas as the pole. Splice plates of other materials of equivalent strength may be used.
Pole scaffolds over 60 feet in height shall be designed by a registered professional engineer, and shall be constructed and loaded in accordance with that design. Non-mandatory Appendix A to this subpart contains examples of criteria that will enable an employer to comply with design and loading requirements for pole scaffolds under 60 feet in height.