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Point of operation is the area on a machine where work is actually performed upon the material being processed.
The point of operation of machines whose operation exposes an employee to injury, shall be guarded. The guarding device shall be in conformity with any appropriate standards therefor, or, in the absence of applicable specific standards, shall be so designed and constructed as to prevent the operator from having any part of his body in the danger zone during the operating cycle.
Special handtools for placing and removing material shall be such as to permit easy handling of material without the operator placing a hand in the danger zone. Such tools shall not be in lieu of other guarding required by this section, but can only be used to supplement protection provided.
The following are some of the machines which usually require point of operation guarding:
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(a) Guillotine Cutters
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(b) Shears
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(c) Alligator Shears
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(d) Powered Presses
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(e) Milling Machines
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(f) Power Saws
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(g) Jointers
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(h) Portable Power Tools
1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(i) Forming Rolls and Calenders