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The employer shall obtain a written medical opinion from the PLHCP within 30 days of the medical examination. The written opinion shall contain only the following:
1910.1053(i)(6)(i)(A) The Date of the Examination
A statement that the examination has met the requirements of this section; and
Any recommended limitations on the employee's use of respirators.
The employer shall ensure that each employee receives a copy of the written medical opinion described in paragraph (i)(6)(i) and (ii) of this section within 30 days of each medical examination performed.
If the employee provides written authorization, the written opinion shall also contain either or both of the following:
Any recommended limitations on the employee's exposure to respirable crystalline silica;
A statement that the employee should be examined by a specialist (pursuant to paragraph (i)(7) of this section) if the chest X-ray provided in accordance with this section is classified as 1/0 or higher by the B Reader, or if referral to a specialist is otherwise deemed appropriate by the PLHCP.

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