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The planning process for new and renovated residential health, care, and support facilities shall include these steps:
Establish sustainability goals for the facility.
A1.2- Sustainability goals. Development of sustainability goals should include evaluation and use of one or more green building codes or rating systems.
The International Code Council has developed the International Green Construction Code (IgCC), which has been adopted by an increasing number of states and municipalities. The IgCC includes content from ASHRAE 189.1: Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings, Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings and ASHRAE 189.3: Standard for Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable High-Performance Health Care Facilities.
Several green building rating systems are applicable to residential health, care, and support settings, including:
  1. Senior Living Sustainability Guide. This online resource, provided by With Seniors in Mind, Inc., identifies four dimensions in which sustainability applies in senior living communities.
  2. Green Globes assessment and rating system. This interactive green building design tool from the Green Building Initiative (GBI) incorporates an integrated project management approach and offers third-party certification. GBI tools are available for New Construction (NC) and for Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings for Healthcare (CIEB HC). GBI has developed ANSI/GBI 01: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings to inform the development of Green Globes rating systems.
  3. LEED v4 Green Building Rating System. Along with this rating system, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has established a third-party certification framework for the design of sustainable buildings.
  4. Green Guide for Health Care. This resource is a voluntary self-certification metric tool that specifically addresses the health care sector.
These various tools establish "best practice" criteria and provide planning/design/development process guidance for site design, water and energy usage, materials, and indoor environmental quality.
See Section 2.2-2 (Sustainable Design Criteria) for additional requirements.

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