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3414A.1 General
Independent peer review is an objective technical review by knowledgeable reviewer(s) experienced in structural design, analysis and performance issues involved. The reviewer(s) shall examine the available information on the condition of building, basic engineering concept employed and recommendations for action.
3414A.2 Timing of Independent Review
The independent reviewer (s) shall be selected prior to initiation of substantial portion of the design and analysis work that is to be reviewed, and review shall start as soon as practical and sufficient information defining the project is available.
3414A.3 Qualifications and Terms of Employment
The reviewer shall be independent from the design and construction team.
The reviewer(s) shall have no other involvement in the project before, during or after the review, except in a review capacity.
The reviewer shall be selected and paid by owner and shall have technical expertise similar to the being reviewed, as determined by enforcement agent.
The reviewer (in case of review team, the chair) shall be a California-licensed structural engineer who is familiar with technical issues and regulations governing the work to be reviewed.
The reviewer shall serve through completion of the project and shall not be terminated except for failure to perform the duties specified herein. Such termination shall be in writing with copies to enforcement agent, owner, and the engineer of record. When a reviewer is terminated or resigns, a qualified replacement shall be appointed within 10 working days or a timeframe mutually agreed to by the Owner, Registered Design Professional (RDP) and the Office.
3414A.4 Scope of Review
Review activities shall include, where appropriate, available construction documents, design criteria, observation of the condition of structure, all new and original inspection reports, including methods of sampling, analyses prepared by the engineer of record and consultants, and the retrofit or repair design. Review shall include consideration of the proposed design approach, method, materials and details.
3414A.5 Reports
The reviewer(s) shall prepare a written report to the owner and responsible enforcement agent that covers all aspect of the review performed including conclusions reached by the reviewer. Report shall be issued after the schematic phase, during design development, and at the completion of construction documents, but prior to their issuance of permit. Such report shall include, at the minimum, statement of the following.
  1. Scope of engineering design peer review with limitations defined.
  2. The status of the project documents at each review stage.
  3. Ability of selected materials and framing systems to meet the performance criteria with given loads and configuration.
  4. Degree of structural system redundancy and the deformation compatibility among structural and nonstructural elements.
  5. Basic constructability of the retrofit or repair system.
  6. Other recommendation that will be appropriate for the specific project.
  7. Presentation of the conclusions of the reviewer identifying any areas that need further review, investigation and/or clarification.
  8. Recommendations.
3414A.6 Responses and Corrective Actions
The engineer of record shall review the report from the reviewer(s) and shall develop corrective actions and other responses as appropriate. Changes observed during construction that affect the seismic-resisting system shall be reported to the reviewer in writing for review and recommendations. All reports, responses and corrective actions prepared pursuant to this section shall be submitted to the responsible enforcement agent and the owner along with other plans, specifications and calculations required. If the reviewer resigns or is terminated by the owner prior to completion of the project, then the reviewer shall submit copies of all reports, notes, and the correspondence to the responsible enforcement agent, the owner, and the engineer of record within 10 working days of such termination.

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