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The observation unit shall either contain or, if it is an extension of an adjacent clinical unit, shall be permitted to share the following:
  1. Nurse or supervisor work space. A minimum of one nurse or supervisor work space shall be provided.
  2. Medication safety zone. See Section 2.1-2.8.8 (Medication Safety Zones) for requirements.
  3. Clean workroom or clean supply room. A clean workroom or clean supply room shall be provided in accordance with Section 2.1-2.8.11 (Clean Workroom or Clean Supply Room).
  4. Soiled workroom or soiled holding room. A soiled workroom or soiled holding room shall be provided in accordance with Section 2.1-2.8.12 (Soiled Workroom or Soiled Holding Room).
  5. Environmental services room. An environmental services room shall be available in accordance with Section 2.1-2.8.14 (Environmental Services Room).
  6. Examination room
    1. An examination room shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Section 2.1-3.2 (Examination Room or Emergency Department Treatment Room).
    2. Omission of the examination room shall be permitted if all patient care stations are single-patient rooms.
  7. A picture archiving and communications system (PACS) and/or x-ray illuminators. These shall be immediately accessible to the observation unit.

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