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§27-2047 Mail Service
The owner of a multiple dwelling shall either:
   (1)   Arrange for mail to be delivered to himself or herself, his or her agents, or employees for prompt distribution to the occupants; or
   (2)   Provide and maintain approved mail receptacles and directories of persons living in the dwelling, as provided by federal law and by the regulations of the post office department.
§27-2048 Floor Signs
The owner of a multiple dwelling more than two stories in height shall post and maintain a sign, of sufficient size to be readily seen, which states the number of the floor. Such signs shall be located in the public hall near the stairs and elevator, and within any stair enclosure.
§27-2049 Street Numbers
The owner of a dwelling shall post and maintain street numbers on the dwelling, which are plainly visible from the sidewalk in front of the dwelling, in accordance with section 3-505 of the administrative code and the rules and regulations issued by the borough presidents thereunder.
§27-2050 Inspection of Required Sprinklers in Converted Dwellings and Dwellings Used for Single Room Occupancy. [Repealed]
§27-2051 Maintenance of Rooming Units
A manager, who may be the owner, shall reside in every rooming house or multiple dwelling used for single room occupancy, except that two adjoining or connected rooming houses may be under the same supervision. The manager shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the dwelling.

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