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Construction documents for methods of support of adjacent buildings shall include the following information:
  1. Indicate the type of adjacent foundation, including type of material.
  2. The bearing elevation(s) of the adjacent building foundation and its soil classification.
  3. For deep foundations, type and location including top and bottom elevations of deep foundation elements.
  4. The elevations of all floor levels at grade and below in the adjacent building.
  5. Plans, cross-sections, and elevations views as necessary, to illustrate all conditions of the adjacent building relevant to the operation, including the below grade portions and the depth of the proposed excavation.
  6. Details and criteria for monitoring the building or wall being supported, including but not limited to criteria and thresholds for movements as specified in Section 1817.9 and Chapters 17 and 33.
  7. A fully detailed design of the method of support including any required bracing.
    1. For pit-pier underpinning, a detailed design for the timber shoring of the pit excavations shall also be provided.
  8. A step by step procedure describing the installation of the elements of the method of support.
    1. For pit-pier underpinning, the procedure shall include a diagram indicating the sequence of the pit installation and a detailed procedure of the installation of the shoring for the pit excavations.
  9. The elevation of the water table, need for dewatering as noted in the evaluation report, and the maximum permissible drawdown.
  10. References alerting the contractor and the special inspector to review the evaluation report of the adjacent building prior to the start of work.
  11. Plans, sections, and elevation views of all methods of support.
  12. Soil classification of the required bearing stratum for the elements of the method of support.
    1. For pit-pier underpinning, also include the required allowable bearing pressure below the pier.
  13. A load table or diagram shall be provided to indicate the following:
    1. Total gravity load in underpinning pier or alternate method of support.
    2. Total lateral load in underpinning piers or alternate method of support.

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