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Medical-surgical vacuum central supply systems shall consist of the following:
  1. Two or more vacuum pumps sufficient to serve the peak calculated demand with the largest single vacuum pump out of service.
  2. Automatic means to prevent backflow from any on-cycle vacuum pumps through any off-cycle vacuum pumps.
  3. Shutoff valve or other isolation means to isolate each vacuum pump from the centrally piped system, and other vacuum pumps for maintenance or repair without loss of vacuum in the system.
  4. Vacuum receiver.
  5. Piping between the vacuum pump(s), discharge(s), receiver(s), and vacuum source shutoff valve in accordance with Section 1319.0, except brass, galvanized, or black steel pipe, which is permitted to be used as recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Except as defined in Section 1312.2(1) through Section 1312.2(5), materials and devices used between the medical vacuum exhaust and the medical vacuum source that are permitted to be of any design or construction appropriate for the service as determined by the manufacturer.
  7. Vacuum filtration per Section 1312.4. [NFPA 99:]

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