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1910.265(e)(1)(i) Bumpers
A substantial stop or bumper with adequate shock-absorptive qualities shall be installed at each end of the carriage runway.
1910.265(e)(1)(iii) Sheave Housing
Sheaves on rope-driven carriages shall be guarded at floor line with substantial housings.
1910.265(e)(1)(iv) Carriage Control
A positive means shall be provided to prevent unintended movement of the carriage. This may involve a control locking device, a carriage tie-down, or both.
1910.265(e)(1)(v) Barriers and Warning Signs
A barrier shall be provided to prevent employees from entering the space necessary for travel of the carriage, with headblocks fully receded, for the full length and extreme ends of carriage runways. Warning signs shall be posted at possible entry points to this area.
1910.265(e)(1)(vi) Overhead Clearance
For a rider-type carriage adequate overhead clear space above the carriage deck shall be provided for the full carriage runway length.
1910.265(e)(1)(vii) Sweeping Devices
Carriage track sweeping devices shall be used to keep track rails clear of debris.
1910.265(e)(1)(viii) Dogs
Dogging devices shall be adequate to secure logs, cants, or boards, during sawing operations.
1910.265(e)(1)(ii) Footing
Rider-type carriages shall be floored to provide secure footing and a firm working platform for the block setter.

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