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  1. In the districts indicated, the open space required for the residential portion of the building under the provisions of Article II, Chapter 3, may be at a level higher than 23 feet above curb level. Such open space may be provided at ground floor level or upon the roof of the community facility portion of such building, provided that the level of any open space may not be higher than two and one half feet below the sill level of any legally required window opening on such roof area, in the residential portion of such building. Open space located on the roof of a community facility building separated by open area from residential or mixed buildings on the same zoning lot may not be at a level higher than 23 feet above curb level. For the purposes of this Section, abutting buildings on a single zoning lot may be considered to be a single building.
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  2. In the districts indicated, and in other R6, R7, R8, R9 or R10 Districts, the provisions of Section 28-20 (RECREATION SPACE AND PLANTING AREAS) shall apply to Quality Housing buildings.

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