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Provide controls in the workplace as described in Sections A5.507.1.1 and A5.507.1.2.
A5.507.1.1 Single-Occupant Spaces
Provide individual controls that meet energy use requirements in the California Energy Code in accordance with Sections A5.507.1.1.1 and A5.507.1.1.2.
A5.507.1.1.1 Lighting
Provide individual task lighting and/or daylighting controls for at least 90 percent of the building occupants.
A5.507.1.1.2 Thermal Comfort
Provide individual thermal comfort controls for at least 50 percent of the building occupants.
  1. Occupants shall have control over at least one of the factors of air temperature, radiant temperature, air speed and humidity as described in ASHRAE 55-2004.
  2. Occupants inside 20 feet of the plane of and within 10 feet either side of operable windows can substitute windows to control thermal comfort. The areas of operable window must meet the requirements of Section 120.1 (Requirement for Ventilation) of the California Energy Code.
A5.507.1.2 Multi-Occupant Spaces
Provide lighting and thermal comfort system controls for all shared multi-occupant spaces, such as classrooms and conference rooms.

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