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1616.2.1.1 Horizontal Diaphragms
The maximum span-depth ratio for any roof or floor diaphragm consisting of steel and composite steel slab decking or concrete shall be based on test data and design calculations acceptable to the enforcement agency.
1616.2.1.2 Veneers
The deflection shall not exceed l/600 for veneered walls, anchored veneers and adhered veneers over 1 inch (25 mm) thick, including the mortar backing.
1616.2.1.3 Risk Category of Buildings and Other Structures
Risk Category IV includes structures as defined in the California Administrative Code, Section 4-207 and all structures required for their continuous operation or access/egress.
1616.2.1.4 Analysis
Structural analysis shall explicitly include consideration of stiffness of diaphragm in accordance with ASCE 7 Section 12.3.1. A diaphragm is rigid for the purpose of distribution of story shear and torsional moment where so indicated in Section 12.3.1 of ASCE 7.

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