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[OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5] Inspections and tests for prestressed concrete work shall be in accordance with this section. Tests for prestressing steel and anchorage shall be per Section 1910A.3. Inspection shall be in accordance with the following:
  1. In addition to the general inspection required for concrete work, all plant fabrication of prestressed concrete members or tensioning of post-tensioned members constructed at the site shall be continuously inspected by an inspector specially approved for this purpose by the enforcement agency.
    Exception: The special inspector need not be continuously present for the placement of prestress or post-tensioned cables or tendons.
  2. The prestressed concrete plant fabrication inspector shall check the materials, equipment, tensioning procedure and construction of the prestressed members and prepare daily written reports. The approved agency shall make a verified report identifying the members by mark and shall include such pertinent data as lot numbers of tendons used, tendon jacking forces, age and strength of concrete at time of tendon release and such other information that may be required.
  3. The inspector of prestressed members post-tensioned at the site shall check the condition of the prestressing tendons, anchorage assemblies and concrete in the area of the anchorage, the tensioning equipment and the tensioning procedure and prepare daily written reports. The approved agency shall make a verified report of the prestressing operation identifying the members or tendons by mark and including such pertinent data as the initial cable slack, net elongation of tendons, jacking force developed and such other information as may be required.
  4. The verified reports of construction shall show that of the inspector's own personal knowledge, the work covered by the report has been performed and materials used and installed in every material respect in compliance with the duly approved plans and specifications for plant fabrication inspection. The verified report shall be accompanied by test reports required for materials used. For site post-tensioning inspections the verified report shall be accompanied by copies of calibration charts, certified by an approved testing laboratory, showing the relationship between gage readings and force applied by the jacks used in the prestressing procedure

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