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Building descriptions shall be converted to equation variables using Table C6.1.
Input Variables
Variable Description I-P Units
Areasurface Area of surface ft2
Area zone Gross floor area of zone as defined in Section C.5 ft2
C-factor C-factor for below-grade walls Btu/h•ft2•°F
CDD50 CDDs Base 50°F•day
CDD65 CDDs Base 65°F•day
CDH80 Cooling degree-hours Base 80°F•hour
Depth Depth of bottom of below-grade wall ft
DI Artificial lighting design illuminance from Section C.5.4 footcandles
DR Daily range (average outdoor maximum-minimum in hottest month) °F
EPD Miscellaneous equipment power density from Section C.5.4 W/ft2
F-factor F-factor for slab-on-grade floors Btu/h•ft•°F
HC Wall heat capacity Btu/ft2•°F
HDD50 HDDs Base 50°F•day
HDD65 HDDs Base 65°F•day
Length Length of slab-on-grade floor perimeter ft
LPD LPD from Section C.5.4 W/ft2
R-Value Effective R-value of soil for below-grade walls h•ft2•°F/Btu
U-factor U-factor Btu/h•ft2•°F
VS Annual average daily incident solar radiation on vertical surface Btu/ft2•day