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Each section of the piping in positive-pressure gas systems and copper vacuum systems shall be pressure tested. Plastic vacuum and plastic scavenging piping shall not be pressure tested. [NFPA 99:]
1327.4.1 Pressure Test
Initial pressure tests shall be conducted as follows:
  1. After blowdown of the distribution piping
  2. After installation of station outlet/inlet rough-in assemblies
  3. Prior to the installation of components of the distribution piping system that would be damaged by the test pressure (e.g., pressure/vacuum alarm devices, pressure/vacuum indicators, and line pressure relief valves) [NFPA 99:]
1327.4.2 Source Shutoff Valve
The source shutoff valve shall remain closed during the pressure tests. [NFPA 99:]
1327.4.3 Test Pressure
The test pressure for oxygen and nitrous oxide piping shall be 1.5 times the system operating pressure but not less than a gauge pressure of 150 psi (1035 kPa). [NFPA 99:]
1327.4.4 Examine for Leaks
The test pressure shall be maintained until each joint has been examined for leakage by means of a leak detectant that is safe for use with oxygen and does not contain ammonia. [NFPA 99:]
1327.4.5 Leaks Located
Any leaks shall be located, repaired (if permitted), or replaced (if required) by the installer, and retested. [NFPA 99:]

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