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If a hazard is detected during entry:
Each employee must leave the space immediately;
The space must be evaluated to determine how the hazard developed; and
The employer must implement measures to protect employees from the hazard before any subsequent entry takes place.
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1926.1 General, Purpose and Scope
This part sets forth the safety and health standards promulgated by the Secretary of Labor under section 107 of the Contract Work Hours and Safety ...
1926.10 General Interpretations, Scope of Subpart
This subpart contains the general rules of the Secretary of Labor interpreting and applying the construction safety and health provisions of section ...
1926.100 Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment, Head Protection
Employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock ...
1926.100(b)(1) Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment,
The employer must provide each employee with head protection that meets the specifications contained in any of the following consensus standards ...
1926.100(b)(1)(i) Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment,
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z89.1-2009, "American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection," incorporated by reference ...