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Individual glazed areas, including glass mirrors, in hazardous locations as defined in Section 2406.4 shall comply with Sections 2406.1.1 through 2406.1.4.
Exception: Mirrors and other glass panels mounted or hung on a surface that provides a continuous backing support.
2406.1.1 Impact Test
Except as provided in Sections 2406.1.2 through 2406.1.4, all glazing shall pass the impact test requirements of Section 2406.2.
2406.1.2 Plastic Glazing
Plastic glazing shall meet the weathering requirements of ANSI Z97.1.
2406.1.3 Glass Block
Glass-block walls shall comply with Section 2110.
2406.1.4 Louvered Windows and Jalousies
Louvered windows and jalousies shall comply with Section 2403.5.