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Base mounted drum hoists must meet the requirements in the following sections of ASME B30.7-2001 (incorporated by reference, see § 1926.6):
Sections 7-1.1 ("Load ratings and markings").
Section 7-1.2 ("Construction"), except: 7-1.2.13 ("Operator's cab"); 7-1.2.15 ("Fire extinguishers").
1926.1436(e)(2)(i)(C) Section 7-1.3 ("Installation")
Applicable terms in section 7-0.2 ("Definitions").
1926.1436(e)(2)(iii) Repaired or Modified Hoists
Hoists that have had repairs, modifications or additions affecting their capacity or safe operation must be evaluated by a qualified person to determine if a load test is necessary. If it is, load testing must be conducted in accordance with paragraphs (e)(2)(ii) and (iv) of this section.
1926.1436(e)(2)(iv) Load Test Procedure
Load tests required by paragraphs (e)(2)(ii) or (e)(2)(iii) of this section must be conducted as follows:
The test load must be hoisted a vertical distance to assure that the load is supported by the hoist and held by the hoist brake(s).
The test load must be lowered, stopped and held with the brake(s).
The hoist must not be used unless a competent person determines that the test has been passed.
1926.1436(e)(2)(ii) Load Tests for New Hoists
The employer must ensure that new hoists are load tested to a minimum of 110% of rated capacity, but not more than 125% of rated capacity, unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer. This requirement is met where the manufacturer has conducted this testing.

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Base mounted drum hoists must meet the requirements in the following sections of ASME B30.7-2001 (incorporated by reference, see § 1926.6 ...
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