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High-pressure hose lines that convey flammable or combustible coating material in "airless" spray application operations shall be inspected daily and shall be repaired or replaced as necessary. Hose lines and equipment shall be located so that, in the event of a leak or rupture, coating material will not be discharged into any space having a source of ignition. [33:10.3]

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be accomplished without introducing any twist in the hose, and shall conform with the minimum bending radius of SAE 100, R2 type, high pressure, steel wire ...
8.17.5 Installation Requirements, Hose Connections
sprinkler system, the presence of 11/2 in. (40 mm) hose lines for use by the building occupants shall not be required, subject to the approval ... Refueling,
Fuel pressure shall be controlled within the stress limits of the hose and plumbing by means of either an in-line pressure controller or, a system ...