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Grounding-type receptacles, adapters, cord connections, and attachment plugs shall have a means for connection of an equipment grounding conductor to the grounding pole.
A terminal for connection to the grounding pole shall be designated by one of the following:
  1. A green-colored hexagonal-headed or -shaped terminal screw or nut, not readily removable.
  2. A green-colored pressure wire connector body (a wire barrel).
  3. A similar green-colored connection device, in the case of adapters. The grounding terminal of a grounding adapter shall be a green-colored rigid ear, lug, or similar device. The equipment grounding connection shall be so designed that it cannot make contact with current-carrying parts of the receptacle, adapter, or attachment plug. The adapter shall be polarized.
  4. If the terminal for the equipment grounding conductor is not visible, the conductor entrance hole shall be marked with the word green or ground, the letters G or GR, a grounding symbol, or otherwise identified by a distinctive green color. If the terminal for the equipment grounding conductor is readily removable, the area adjacent to the terminal shall be similarly marked.
Informational Note: See Informational Note Figure 406.10(B)(4).

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