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Section 1117A General Requirements for Accessible Entrances, Exits, Interior Routes of Travel and Facility Accessibility

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Note: In addition to provisions of this division, interior routes of travel that provide access to, or egress from, buildings for persons with disabilities shall also comply with Chapter 10.
1117A.1 General
When buildings are required to be accessible, building facilities shall be accessible as provided in this division. Where specific floors of a building are required to be accessible, the requirements of this division shall apply only to the facilities located on accessible floors.
1117A.2 Primary Entrances and Exterior Exit Doors
All primary entrances and exterior ground floor exit doors to buildings and facilities on accessible routes shall be accessible to persons with disabilities.
1117A.3 Separate Dwelling Unit Entrances
When a ground-floor dwelling unit of a building has a separate entrance, each such ground-floor dwelling unit shall be served by an accessible route, except where the terrain or unusual characteristics of the site prohibit an accessible route (see Section 1150A for site impracticality tests).
1117A.4 Multiple Entrances
Only one entrance to covered multifamily buildings is required to be accessible to any one ground floor of a building, except in cases where an individual dwelling unit has a separate exterior entrance. Where the building contains clusters of dwelling units with each cluster sharing a different exterior entrance, more than one entrance may be required to be accessible, as determined by analysis of the site. In every case, the accessible entrance shall be on an accessible route to the covered dwelling units it serves.
1117A.5 Entrances From Parking Structures, Tunnels or Elevated Walkways
Where direct access for pedestrians is provided from a parking structure to a building or facility, each direct access to the building or facility entrance shall be accessible.
Where direct access for pedestrians is provided from a pedestrian tunnel or elevated walkway to a building or facility, all entrances to the building or facility from each tunnel or walkway shall be accessible.

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