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General holding cells and general housing cells shall be provided in accordance with 232.2.

EXCEPTION: Alterations to cells shall not be required to comply except to the extent determined by the Attorney General.
Advisory 232.2 General Holding Cells and General Housing Cells.  accessible cells or rooms should be dispersed among different levels of security, housing categories, and holding classifications (e.g., male/female and adult/juvenile) to facilitate access. Many detention and correctional facilities are designed so that certain areas (e.g., "shift" areas) can be adapted to serve as different types of housing according to need.  For example, a shift area serving as a medium-security housing unit might be redesignated for a period of time as a high-security housing unit to meet capacity needs.  Placement of accessible cells or rooms in shift areas may allow additional flexibility in meeting requirements for dispersion of accessible cells or rooms.
Advisory 232.2 General Holding Cells and General Housing Cells Exception.  Although these requirements do not specify that cells be accessible as a consequence of an alteration, title II of the ADA requires that each service, program, or activity conducted by a public entity, when viewed in its entirety, be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.  This requirement must be met unless doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of a service, program, or activity or would result in undue financial and administrative burdens.
232.2.1 Cells With Mobility Features
At least 2 percent, but no fewer than one, of the total number of cells in a facility shall provide mobility features complying with 807.2. Beds
In cells having more than 25 beds, at least 5 percent of the beds shall have clear floor space complying with 807.2.3.
232.2.2 Cells With Communication Features
At least 2 percent, but no fewer than one, of the total number of general holding cells and general housing cells equipped with audible emergency alarm systems and permanently installed telephones within the cell shall provide communication features complying with 807.3.

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