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453.22.5.1 Location
Clinics shall be located to provide a direct accessible route from the exterior and from the interior or by a connecting covered walk.
453.22.5.2 Parking
Clinics shall be provided with 10 designated parking spaces immediately adjacent to the clinic, one of which shall be accessible to persons with disabilities.
453.22.5.3 Sanitary Facilities
Sanitary facilities are required as follows:
Full-service school clinics shall include one accessible toilet room for males and one for females, complete with water closet, lavatory, accessories, and shower. Additional toilets may be required for a full-service school clinic depending on occupant load and program.
Hot and cold water shall be provided at the showers and lavatories. The water temperature shall be controlled by a mixing valve and shall not exceed 110°F (43°C).
Toilet rooms shall have exhaust fans vented to the exterior.
A nurses' station shall be provided with a working counter with lavatory/sink and be located so as to maintain visual supervision of the bed area.
Locked storage rooms shall be provided for a refrigerator, files, equipment, and supplies.
Data outlets shall be provided for computer hook-ups and computer networking and additional electric outlets shall be provided for hearing and vision testing machines.

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