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Fleet motor fuel-dispensing facilities shall be designed, installed, operated and maintained in compliance with the requirements of FC 2304.3.1 through 2304.3.3.
2304.3.1 Inspection of Dispensing Area
The certified attendant responsible for supervision of the dispensing of liquid motor fuel at fleet motor fuel-dispensing facility shall inspect the dispensing area on a periodic basis in accordance with the rules to ensure that the facility is being maintained in accordance with this chapter and the rules. The certified attendant shall notify the owner and make any other notifications required by this code if there is any evidence that the facility is not in good working order. A record of such inspections and notifications shall be maintained at the premises in accordance with FC107.7.
2304.3.2 Duties of Fleet Personnel
Employees or other persons working for the owner of a fleet motor fuel-dispensing facility whose duties involve the dispensing of motor fuel shall be trained and knowledgeable in such dispensing in compliance with the requirements of this code and the rules.
2304.3.3 Quantity Limits
Dispensing equipment used at fleet automotive liquid motor fuel-dispensing facilities shall comply with one of the following:
  1. Dispensing devices shall be programmed or set to limit uninterrupted liquid motor fuel delivery to not more than 25 gallons (95 L) and require a manual action to resume delivery.
  2. For other than flammable liquid motor fuel, the amount of liquid motor fuel being dispensed shall be limited in quantity by a preprogrammed card as approved.

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