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Firefighters' Emergency Operation shall apply to all nonautomatic elevators, except where the hoistway or a portion thereof is not required to be fire-resistive construction (see, the rise does not exceed 2000 mm (80 in.), and the hoistway does not penetrate a floor. Phase I Emergency Recall Operation
A three-position key-operated switch shall be provided at the designated level for each single elevator or for each group of elevators. The three-position switch shall be labeled "FIRE RECALL" and its positions marked "RESET," "OFF," and "ON" (in that order), with the "OFF" position as the center position. The "FIRE RECALL" letters shall be a minimum 5 mm (0.25 in.) high in red or a color contrasting with a red background. The three-position switch shall be located in the lobby within sight of the elevator or all elevators in that group and shall be readily accessible.
An additional key-operated fire recall switch with two positions, that will not change position without a deliberate action by the user, marked "OFF" and "ON" (in that order), shall be permitted. It shall be labeled "FIRE RECALL" and shall identify the elevator(s) it controls.
The switch(es) shall be rotated clockwise to go from the "RESET" position (designated level switch only) to the "OFF" position to the "ON" position.
All keys shall be removable only in the "OFF" and "ON" positions.
Only the fire recall switch(es) or fire alarm initiating devices located at floors that are served by the elevator or in the hoistway, an elevator machine room, a control space, or a control room (see shall initiate Phase I Emergency Recall Operation.
All fire recall switches shall be provided with an illuminated visual signal to indicate when Phase I Emergency Recall Operation is in effect.
When all switches are in the "OFF" position, normal elevator service shall be in effect and the fire alarm initiating devices required by shall be operative.
When a fire recall switch is in the "ON" position, a visual and audible signal shall be provided to alert the attendant to return nonstop to the designated or alternate level. The visual signal shall read "FIRE RECALL — RETURN TO__" [insert level to which the car should be returned (the designated or alternate level)]. The signal system shall be activated when Phase I Emergency Recall Operation is in effect.
Where an additional two-position fire recall switch is provided, both fire recall switches must be in the "ON" position to recall the elevator to the designated level if the elevator was recalled to the alternate level.
Where an additional two-position fire recall switch is provided, it shall not affect the visual signal if the designated level fire alarm initiating device (see has been activated.
To extinguish the audible and visual signals, the fire recall switch shall be rotated first to the "RESET" position and then to the "OFF" position, provided that
(a) the additional two-position fire recall switch, where provided, is in the "OFF" position
(b) no fire alarm initiating device is activated (see also
No device that measures load shall prevent operation of the elevator at or below the capacity and loading required in Section 2.16.
NOTE ( The building code or fire authority may require this switch at a specific location. Phase I Emergency Recall Operation by Fire Alarm Initiating Devices
(a) Fire alarm initiating devices shall be installed, in the locations listed in (1) through (3), in compliance with the requirements in NFPA 72 or the NBCC, whichever is applicable (see Part 9), as follows:
(1) at each elevator lobby served by the elevator
(2) in the associated elevator machine room, machinery space containing a motor controller or driving machine, control space, or control room
(3) in the elevator hoistway, when sprinklers are located in those hoistways
(b) Phase I Emergency Recall Operation, conforming to, shall be initiated when any Phase I Emergency Recall Operation fire alarm initiating device specified in (a) is activated.
(c) Phase I Emergency Recall Operation, when initiated by a Phase I Emergency Recall Operation fire alarm initiating device, shall be maintained until canceled by moving the fire recall switch to the "RESET" position, then to the "OFF" position.
(d) When a fire alarm initiating device in a location specified by (a)(2) or (a)(3) initiates Phase I Emergency Recall Operation as required by or, the visual signal [see (h) and Figure] shall illuminate intermittently only in a car(s) with equipment in that location.
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