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(1)  For centralized recirculated systems, see Table 3.1-1 (Design Parameters for Ventilation of Residential Health Spaces) for required filter efficiencies.
(a)  Each filter bank with an efficiency greater than MERV 12 shall be provided with an installed, readily accessible manometer or differential pressure-measuring device that provides a reading of differential static pressure across the filter to indicate when the filter needs to be replaced.
(b)  All air provided to a space by centralized recirculated systems shall be filtered.
(2)  For non-central recirculating room systems, HVAC units shall:
(a)  Not receive nonfiltered, nonconditioned outdoor air.
(b)  Serve only a single space.
*(c)  Include the manufacturer's recommended filter for airflow passing over any surface that is designed to condense water. This filter shall be located upstream of any such cold surface so that all of the air passing over the cold surface is filtered.
A3.1- (2)(c) Filters for recirculating room systems. Filters should be replaced and/or cleaned per the manufacturer's recommendations to maintain indoor air quality.

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