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Guide rails shall be secured to their brackets by clips, welds, or bolts.
Bolts used for fastening shall be of such strength as to withstand the forces specified in and
Welding, where used, shall conform to Section 8.8. Size of Bolts for Fastening
The size of bolts used for fastening the guide rails or rail clips to the brackets shall be not less than specified in Table
Table Minimum Size of Rail-Fastening Bolts
SI Units Imperial Units
Mass of
Guide Rail,
Diameter of
Rail Bolts,
Weight of
Guide Rail,
Diameter of
Rail Bolts,
8.5 M12 53/4 1/2
9.5 M12 61/4 1/2
12.0 M12 8 1/2
16.5 M16 11 5/8
18.0 M16 12 5/8
22.5 M16 15 5/8
27.5 M16 181/2 5/8
33.5 M20 221/2 3/4
44.5 M20 30 3/4 Bolt Holes for Fastenings
The diameter of holes or the width of slots for fastening bolts shall not exceed the diameter of the bolt by more than 2 mm (0.08 in.).

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Slotted guide-rail brackets having single-bolt fastenings shall be provided with an additional means to prevent lateral movement of the rail bracket ...