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3.2-4.2.1 Staff Work Area(s)
See Section 2.3-4.2.1 (Staff Work Area) for requirements.
3.2-4.2.2 Medication Distribution Locations (Centralized and Decentralized)
See Section 2.3-4.2.2 (Medication Distribution and Storage Locations) for requirements.
*3.2-4.2.3 Central Bathing Rooms or Areas
A3.2-4.2.3 Consideration should be given to privacy when locating entrances to bathing rooms.
See Section 2.5- (Accessible shower) for requirements.
3.2- Number
  1. A minimum of one accessible bathtub or shower that is available to all residents shall be provided.
  2. Additional bathtubs or showers shall be provided as required to serve the unit size and care population.
3.2- Accessibility
  1. The bathtub or spa tub in this room shall be accessible to residents in wheelchairs.
  2. The shower shall have fittings accessible to a resident in a recumbent position.
  3. Adult resident shower rooms shall be designed to allow entry of portable/mobile mechanical lifts, shower gurney devices, and shower chairs.
A separate toilet and hand-washing station shall be provided in or directly accessible to each bathing area without requiring entry into the general corridor.
Access to a grooming location without reentry to the general corridor shall be provided. This shall contain the following:
  1. Hand-washing station
  2. Mirror
  3. Counter or shelf
3.2-4.2.4 Equipment and Supply Storage
3.2- General
See Section 2.3-4.2.4 (Equipment and Supply Storage) for requirements in addition to those in this section.
3.2- Decentralized Clean Linen Storage
A separate closet or designated area shall be provided for clean linen storage.
  1. A decentralized clean utility room shall be permitted to be used for the storage of clean linen.
  2. Where a closed-cart system is used, storage in an alcove shall be permitted.
3.2- Storage for Mobility Devices and Support Equipment
Storage for resident-operated mobility devices and personal support equipment shall allow this equipment to be accessible to residents at all times without entering another resident's living space.
3.2-4.2.5 Clean Utility Room
See Section 2.3-4.2.5 (Clean Utility Room) for requirements.
3.2-4.2.6 Soiled Utility Room
See Section 2.3-4.2.6 (Soiled Utility Room) for requirements.
3.2-4.2.7 Personal Laundry Facilities
See Section 2.3-4.2.7 (Personal Laundry Facilities) for requirements.
3.2-4.2.8 Resident Telephone Access
See Section 2.3-4.2.8 (Resident and Participant Telephone Access) for requirements.

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