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4.1-4.1 General
See Section 2.3-4.1 (Facilities for Support Services-General) for requirements.
4.1-4.2 Facilities That Support Resident, Participant, or Outpatient Care
4.1-4.2.1 Staff Work Areas
These area(s) shall be provided when required by the care model to serve resident needs.
Lockable storage shall be provided for resident records.
See Section 2.3-4.2.1 (Staff Work Area) for additional requirements.
4.1-4.2.2 Medication Distribution and Storage Locations (Centralized and Decentralized)
See Section 2.3-4.2.2 (Medication Distribution and Storage Locations) for requirements.
4.1-4.2.3 Central Bathing or Spa Room or Area
*4.1- General
Where a central bathing or spa room or area is provided, the requirements in this section shall be met.
A4.1- Resident privacy. Consideration should be given to privacy when locating entrances to bathing or spa rooms.
4.1- Number
At least one central bathtub, spa tub, or shower shall be provided for resident use based on the needs of the care population.
4.1- Space Requirements
Bathing fixtures shall be located in individual rooms or enclosures that provide the following:
  1. Space for private use of the bathing fixture
  2. Space for drying and dressing
  3. Access to a grooming location with a hand-washing station, mirror, and counter or shelf
4.1- Toilet
A toilet shall be provided in or directly accessible to each resident bathing facility without requiring entry into the general corridor.
4.1- Shower
Where a shower is included in the bathing or spa room or area, see Section 2.5- (Accessible showers) for requirements.
4.1-4.2.4 Equipment and Supply Storage
See Section 2.3-4.2.4 (Equipment and Supply Storage) for requirements in addition to those in this section.
4.1- Clean Linen Storage
  1. A separate closet or designated area shall be provided if required for the linen services offered by the facility.
  2. Where a closed-cart system is used, storage in an alcove shall be permitted.
4.1- Supply Storage
Storage space(s) for supplies and recreation items shall be immediately accessible to support activities and recreation offered.
4.1- Storage for Resident Needs
Storage space(s) for resident equipment and supplies shall be immediately accessible to support services offered.
4.1-4.2.5 Clean Utility Room
A clean utility room shall be provided for storage and holding as part of a system for distribution of clean materials. See Section 2.3-4.2.5 (Clean Utility Room) for requirements.
4.1-4.2.6 Soiled Utility Room
A soiled utility room shall be provided for storage and holding as part of a system for collection of soiled materials. See Section 2.3-4.2.6 (Soiled Utility Room) for requirements.
4.1-4.2.7 Personal Laundry Facilities
Provision of decentralized facilities for washing and drying personal laundry shall be permitted when the care model supports this approach for small groups of residents.
Where shared personal laundry areas are provided, these shall be equipped with the following for use by residents/families:
  1. Washer and dryer
  2. Hand-washing station
  3. Folding area
See 2.3-4.2.7 (Personal Laundry Facilities) for additional requirements.
4.1-4.2.8 Resident Telephone Access
See Section 2.3-4.2.8 (Resident and Participant Telephone Access) for requirements.
4.1-4.3 Support Areas for Staff
4.1-4.3.1 General
See Section 2.3-4.3.1 (Support Areas for Staff-General) for requirements.
4.1-4.3.2 Staff Lounge Area
See Section 2.3-4.3.2 (Staff Lounge Area) for requirements.
4.1-4.3.3 Toilet Rooms
Toilet rooms shall be permitted to be shared by the public, staff, and residents.
4.1-4.4 Support Facilities for Family and Visitors
4.1-4.4.1 General
Community space for family and visitors shall be provided based on the care model.
*4.1-4.4.2 Overnight Guest Accommodations
Space for sleeping accommodations for overnight guests shall be provided based on the care model.
A4.1-4.4.2 Overnight guest accommodations
  1. Where visitor sleeping accommodations are provided in resident rooms or apartments, provision of the following should be considered:
    • -Sufficient circulation around the sleeping accommodation (e.g., recliner, sleep chair, sleep sofa) when it is fully open for use to allow staff to reach the resident in case of an emergency
    • -Storage space to accommodate and secure overnight guests' belongings
  2. Provision of separate guest suites or apartments is recommended as a means for accommodating overnight visitors.
4.1-4.4.3 Pet Accommodations
See Section 2.3-4.4.3 (Pet Accommodations) for requirements.
4.1-4.5 Food Service Facilities
4.1-4.5.1 General
The type and size of the assisted living facility shall determine the dietary environment and the food service facilities provided.
4.1-4.5.2 Centralized Commercial Kitchen
Where a centralized commercial kitchen is provided, the food service facilities shall meet the requirements in Section 2.3-4.5 (Food Service Facilities).
4.1-4.5.3 Warming Kitchen
For facilities that have a service contract with an outside vendor for food service, the following requirements shall be met:
Where an outside vendor is used to provide meals for a facility of 16 or more beds, dedicated space and equipment shall be provided for a warming kitchen, including space for minimal equipment for preparation of breakfast, emergency, or after-hours meals.
The resident kitchen shall be permitted to serve as an alternative location to accommodate the function of a warming kitchen. See Section 2.3-2.3.4 (Resident and Participant Kitchen) for requirements.
4.1-4.5.4 Decentralized Kitchen
Where food preparation is conducted on-site for 16 or more beds, the facility shall have dedicated non-public staff space and equipment for preparation of meals. See section 2.3-2.3.4 (Resident and Participant Kitchen) for requirements.
4.1-4.6 Linen and Laundry Service Facilities
4.1-4.6.1 General
Each assisted living facility shall have provisions for storing and processing clean and soiled/contaminated linen for resident care.
Based on the care model, combination of personal laundry facilities with clean utility and/or soiled utility rooms shall be permitted. See sections 2.3-4.2.5 (Clean Utility Room), 2.3-4.2.6 (Soiled Utility Room), and 2.3-4.2.7 (Personal Laundry Facilities) for additional requirements.
A4.1- Based on the care model, laundry services may be decentralized using personal laundry facilities and/or a combination of personal laundry facilities and contracted linen services. See 2.3-4.2.7 (Personal Laundry Facilities) for additional information.
4.1-4.6.2 Facilities for Contracted Linen Services
Where contracted services are used, the following shall be provided:
An area for soiled linen awaiting pickup
A separate area for storage and distribution of clean linen
A control station for pickup and receiving. This shall be permitted to be shared with other services and serve as the receiving and pickup point of service for the facility.
4.1-4.6.3 On-Site Laundry Service Facilities
4.1- General
  1. Where on-site laundry services are provided, the requirements in this section shall apply.
  2. Facilities for processing shall be permitted to be located in the facility or in a separate building.
  3. Layout. Equipment shall be arranged to permit a workflow that minimizes cross-traffic between clean and soiled operations.
    1. Areas dedicated to laundry shall be separate from food preparation areas.
    2. Laundry rooms shall not open directly into resident rooms.
At minimum, the following elements shall be included:
  1. Rooms and spaces for sorting, processing, and storage of soiled materials
  2. Soiled holding room(s). Separate central or decentralized room(s) shall be provided for receiving and holding soiled linen for pickup or processing.
    1. Room(s) shall have ventilation and exhaust.
    2. Discharge from soiled linen chutes shall be received in this room or in a separate room as required by the local AHJ.
    3. Room(s) used for processing shall be provided with a laundry or deep sink.
  3. Central clean linen storage. A central clean linen storage and issuing room(s) shall be provided in addition to the linen storage required at individual resident units.
  4. Linen carts
    1. Storage. Provisions shall be made for parking clean and soiled linen carts separately and out of traffic.
    2. Cleaning. Provisions shall be made for cleaning linen carts on-premises (or exchange of carts off-premises).
  5. Hand-washing stations. Hand-washing stations shall be provided in each area where unbagged soiled linen is handled. See Section 2.4-2.2.8 (Hand-Washing Stations) for additional requirements.
4.1-4.7 Materials Management Facilities
See Section 2.3-4.7 (Materials Management Facilities) for requirements.
4.1-4.8 Waste Management Facilities
See Section 2.3-4.8 (Waste Management Facilities) for waste collection, storage, and disposal requirements.
4.1-4.9 Environmental Services Rooms
See Section 2.3-4.9 (Environmental Services Rooms) for requirements.
4.1-4.10 Facilities for Engineering and Maintenance Services
See Section 2.3-4.10 (Facilities for Engineering and Maintenance Services) for requirements.
4.1-4.11 Administrative Areas
4.1-4.11.1 Office and Conference Space
Offices or an open office area with private conference space shall be provided for business transactions, admissions, and social services and for the use of administrative and professional staff.
*4.1- Conference and Educational Space
Space for private interviews; staff, resident, and family meetings; conferences; and health education shall be sized according to operational needs.
  1. Space shall include provisions for use of visual aids and technology.
  2. Sharing of space by several services shall be permitted.
A4.1- Kitchenette for conference space. Provision of kitchenette facilities, including under-counter refrigerator, microwave, and sink, should be considered for the conference space.
4.1- General Office Space
Office space shall be provided for staff and file storage.
4.1- Supply and Copy Room
Space for storage of files, office equipment, and supplies shall be provided.

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