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1113.13.1 General
Regardless of other provisions of these regulations relating to existing high-rise buildings, requirements relative to existing Group R-1 or Group R-2 Occupancies shall not be less restrictive than those established pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 13143.2.
1113.13.2 Corridor Openings
Openings in corridor walls and ceilings shall be protected by not less than 13/4-inch (44.5 mm) solid-bonded wood-core doors, 1/4-inch-thick (6 mm) wired glass conforming to Section 715.1 of the California Building Code, by approved fire dampers or by equivalent protection in lieu of any of these items. Transoms shall be fixed closed with material having a fire-resistive rating equal to 1/2-inch (12.7 mm) Type X gypsum wallboard or equivalent material installed on both sides of the opening.
1113.13.3 Fire Alarm Systems
Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 403 of the California Building Code, every existing high-rise building used for the housing of a Group R-1 or Group R-2 Occupancies shall have installed therein a fire alarm system conforming to this subsection.
1113.13.3.1 General
Every apartment house and every hotel shall have installed therein an automatic or manually operated fire alarm system. Such fire alarm systems shall be so designed that all occupants of the building may be warned simultaneously.
1113.13.3.2 Installation
The installation of all fire alarm equipment shall be in accordance with the California Fire Code.
1113.13.3.3 Fire-Extinguishing Systems
Automatic fire-extinguishing systems installed in any structure subject to these regulations shall have an approved flow indicator electrically interconnected to the required fire alarm system.
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