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The following steps shall be followed to determine if the building meets the criteria for NPC 4:
  1. Identify the specific nonstructural components and equipment that are subject to the requirements of NPC 2 through NPC 4;
  2. Conduct an inventory of components and equipment specified in Table 11.1, NPC 2 through NPC 4, noting whether the components and equipment are anchored or braced;
  3. Determine if the anchorage or bracing of the identified components and equipment complies with one of the following conditions:
    1. Installed under a permit issued by OSHPD. Drawings showing the installation and bearing an OSHPD approval stamp are required to show that the installation conforms to Part 2, Title 24. Installation or retrofit of components that were designed to meet NPC 3R requirements must be shown to meet the anchorage and bracing requirements of the California Building Code for new construction. Components designed to meet NPC 3R requirements that do not meet the anchorage and bracing requirements for new construction shall be retrofitted to meet those requirements; or
    2. Reviewed and approved by the Department of General Services, Office of Architecture and Construction, Structural Safety Section. Drawings showing: a) the installation; b) bear an Office of Architecture and Construction, Structural Safety Section approval stamp; and c) a five-digit project number on the approval stamp that begins with an "H" prefix, are required to demonstrate that the installation conforms to Part 2, Title 24. It shall also be demonstrated by a written report submitted by the structural engineer, acceptable to the enforcement agency, that an investigation of the anchorage and bracing of components and equipment identified in Section 11.2.3(a) shows it to be constructed in reasonable conformity with these drawings.
    Anchorage and bracing of elements that comply with either of these conditions are considered to meet the requirements of NPC 4.
    Installation is defined as that which shows the size and type of material for all components of the system including the anchor or fastener manufacturer (if proprietary), type, total number and embedment if connected to structural concrete, masonry or wood.
  4. If the components and equipment inventoried in 11.2.3(b) are anchored or braced, but do not meet the requirements of Section 11.2.3(c), determine if the bracing and anchorage is sufficient to meet the code requirements specified in Table 11.1. The bracing capacity shall be determined by calculations based upon information shown in the construction documents. If these documents are incomplete or unavailable, the evaluation shall be based on the as-built conditions, with the capacity of fasteners to masonry, concrete or wood determined by approved tests; and
  5. If any of the items inventoried in 11.2.3(b)is unanchored or inadequately braced as determined by Section 11.2.3(d), the building shall be placed in NPC 3.

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