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Both static and seismic earth pressures acting on MOT structures shall be evaluated.
3106F.7.1 Earth Pressures Under Static Loading
The effect of static active earth pressures on structures resulting from static loading of backfill soils shall be considered where appropriate. Backfill sloping configuration, if applicable, and backland loading conditions shall be considered in the evaluations. The loading considerations shall be based on project-specific information. The earth pressures under static loading should be based on guidelines outlined in NAVFAC DM7-02 [6.7] or other appropriate documents.
3106F.7.2 Earth Pressures Under Seismic Loading
The effect of earth pressures on structures resulting from seismic loading of backfill soils, including the effect of porewater pressure build-up in the backfill, shall be considered. The seismic coefficients used for this analysis shall be based on the Level 1 and Level 2 earthquake PGA values.
Evaluation of earth pressures under seismic loading, should be based on NCHRP Report 611 [6.6] or other appropriate methods.

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